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>> politicians in the u.s. agreed to a deal that will delay spending cuts. >> the other top stories this hour on al jazeera. what is in store for north korea in 2013? kim jung il delivers his first new year's message. trying to ease public concern, we will tell you about china's attempt to monitor air quality
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in its most polluted cities. the united states senate has passed a temporary bill aimed at preventing a financial crisis. the vote came after the midnight deadline on new year's eve to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. spending cuts and tax hikes has of been delayed until march. but it still has to be approved by the house of representatives. >> this is the man who seems to have made all the difference. vice president joe biden came in the 11th hour to broker an agreement. but the deal comes at the december 31 deadline. for now, the u.s. is over the fiscal cliff. it has passed its first test in the senate with overwhelming support. >> of the house stands adjourned until noon tomorrow. >> but the key test to the
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agreement is whether it can pass here, the republican-controlled house of representatives. early on monday, president obama surrounded himself with middle- class families to make the point that it would be average americans who would be hardest hit by a failure to compromise. >> the agreement being worked on right now would further reduce the deficit by asking the wealthiest 2% of americans to pay higher taxes for the first time in two decades. that would add additional hundreds of billions of dollars to deficit reduction. so that is progress. but we will need to do more. >> but no one is claiming the bill is perfect. the sticking point is what to do about cuts in major government departments. the problem has been put off for now. on the taxation side, the president got nearly everything he wanted with republicans agreeing to raise taxes on the wealthiest and extend unemployment benefits. the major public holiday of new
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year's day means global stock markets are shocked on tuesday and that give these them -- and that gives them more time. the u.s. politicians were so voted down ideologically that they were unable to save their country from the economic cliff, all of which is of their own making. it is a major embarrassment for president obama and the leaders of congress. the whole thing may be worked out in the next few days. the debt ceiling needs to be raised by congress and the republicans feel they have the upper hand over president obama and the democratic party. >> north korea's leader has given a surprise new year's address to the nation. he said that the two koreas should be reunited.
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but the young leader also stressed the importance of strengthening north korea's military. >> for north koreans used to simplicity rather than extravagance, this was a rare treat. but apparently the leader says that 2012 as a historic year was worth celebrating. there was a successful rocket launched in september. he told the nation that he would build on it. he spoke on the need to improve relations with south korea appear the messages more conciliatory than recent years. >> this year, the entire nation should unite in opening in new chapter to reunite our fatherland. >> he did not denounce the presence of u.s. military troops in south korea. he did not criticize
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conservative groups in south korea. the studio had been elements in recent editorials. but the softer turn may be driven more by economics than anything else. >> better relations of any country is driven by money. they always make improvement of relations conditioned on aid and other financial support. >> south korea's official position is of the speech offered nothing by way of policy. still, the president-elect has indicated that she is willing to take a less hard-line approach. that could mean the start of a new era in injured-korean relations. -- in inter-korean relations. >> the speech is a way of
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asserting himself as leader. >> this is the first time in 19 years that you have the north korean leader talk directly to his people. that is an important sign. it is also a speech that is probably trying to take a vantage of a transition in south korea and the fact that there is an attack -- an appetite to engage. also, the focus on a strong military nation is unimportant -- is under a important indication of [indiscernible] at the same time, this is a speech with the new young berliners turn to marked out his own distinctive approach -- the new young leader is trying to mark out his own distinctive approach. i i think the leaders in secure.
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this is a way of reinforcing the sense of renewed confidence. but there is also a recognition that, if north korea is going to deliver on its promises to its own people, the leadership needs to have closer contact with the outside world, precisely to gain access to much-needed resources. >> in pakistan, they have released eight taliban prisoners. one is justice minister when the taliban ruled afghanistan. >> the haqqani network is an integral component of the taliban. it is a decision of the supreme commander of the taliban for negotiations. it must be remembered that there is a realization that they are
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not going anywhere and any city a political settlement. the taliban are expecting the release of their commander who is in guantanamo and the release of their [indiscernible] if that happens, there is optimism by the taliban say that it is the first time there's real hope. you have to understand that this is a conflict problem and will take some time we are able to get any clear indication as to where these talks are going. >> around 120 soldiers from the democratic republic of congo have arrived in the central african republic's capital. troops have been sent there as part of a regional military force to support the government of the central african republic. rebel forces are moving in. in the past month, the group that consists of three rebel forces has captured several towns and cities.
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just this saturday, they seized sibut, 180 kilometers from the capital. in venezuela and the celebrations for the new year's eve did not go as originally planned. facilities were canceling caracas. government ministers held a church service and visual for hugo chavez. vice president says that chavez is in a delicate state following surgery. ♪ >> a new uze mess were people is still truck -- a new year's eve mass where people are trying to recover from the recent news. she heard that chavez is not doing well again. and to pray is all that when his wetlands can do -- that venezuelans can do.
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>> he changed my life. he helped my family. i am what i am because of chavez. we have to continue praying for him. >> the vice president addressed the nation from havana and said that the president is suffering from complications stemming from a respiratory infection. >> 19 days after undergoing surgery, his state of health continues to be delicate with complications that are being attended to. in a process that is not without risk. >> risk that has made a 30 share postpone all planned celebrations. the government organized a concert in this plaza to celebrate the new year. the concert is now cancelled and authorities here are asking the population to pray for the president's recovery. the vice president's speech has filled venezuelans with new uncertainty and many are wondering whether chavis will be back for his inauguration on generic tent. but government supporters say
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that even if something were to happen with the president, the revolution is here to stay. >> the opposition is to control the media and almost everything. now it is us in the slums and the bar is. we have a structure that we did not have before. so we are ready for what comes next. >> a future left uncertain. but what venezuelans to do know is that the coming year will be filled with new challenges. al jazeera, caracas request just want to show you some amazing pictures from brazil where a helicopter has crashed off the near re it happened close to coca cabana beach. they were able to swim to shore without any injuries. hundreds of people had gathered to the beach for the new year. tens of thousands of people
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rallied in hong kong today, calling for the city's chief executive to step down. we will tell you why. and another group hoping for a change in power this year. italy's young voters, while many are vowing to avoid voting stations altogether. >> we have a tropical cyclone freda that caused widespread flooding and we could see flooding into new caledonia. that is the position of the storm. it continues to swirl is way away. it will stay to the west of new caledonia, but the strongest wind is making its way across the island. damaging wind at flooding range. we could see as much as two
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meters to 4 meters of breakwater. thursday, still very close by with more big downpours. the north island is expecting some [indiscernible] around 19 degrees celsius. sunshine to the good parts of of strict liquor -- of australia. and cooling off somewhat near perth. the north is seeing some heavy rain into indonesia, well over 300 millimeters of rain coming in here.
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>> the top stories here are the u.s. senate has passed a bill aimed at avoiding a financial crisis. become law. won't it is approved by the house of representatives, agee won't become law until -- won't become law until it is approved by the house of representatives. >> in the venezuelan capital caracas, new year's celebrations were muted. church services were held for president hugo just as following his -- hugo chavez following his recent surgery.
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this video of bloated to the internet shows the destruction in duma following an airstrike. the conflict in syria has dragged on for nearly two years. many people have escaped the violence to neighboring countries. turkey has taken some 147,000 assyrian refugees while lebanon has become home to 126,000 -- 147,000 syrian refugees while lebanon has become home to 126,000. now to the refugee camp in southern turkey. tell us something of what you have seen there. at about -- and about what refugees are telling you. >> this is one of the first camps which were built to cope
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with the rising tide of refugees which streamed into the country after the government unleashed its campaign against pro- democracy movement 21 months ago. the people i have been talking to are the people who arrived then. they're still the find saying that, despite the hardship, despite being away from home, they are confident that 2013 will, but with dramatic change. and they will go back home and that they favor of assad will be sealed. they are quite lucky compared to refugees in other countries. turkey has been very well equipped with contingency plans. but at the end of the day, these are people who were forced to flee their homes and villages. they say that they would like to go back home after spending almost two years here.
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>> we talked about nearly 150,000 people who are now taking shelter in countries that surround syria. what about what the u.n. might call the internally displaced people in syria. what are they telling you about the people they had to leave behind? >> that remains the untold story. the united nations and other aid agencies are talking about two 0.5 million internally displaced people, people basically put out because of the violence. government forces shelling and storming villages. these people have no other option than to go to a no man's land. i have been talking with a refugee who has just returned from those areas. he says the situation is very dramatic, very tragic, no food,
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no water, no medicine. people are forced to boiled grass to feed their own families. agencies have not been able to reach out to those people because the area remains very dangerous. it is pounded constantly by regime forces. they were talking about hundreds of thousands of people across this whole border area, and there is no way that they can provide assistance to them unless there is a sense of security or at least a no buffer zone so the on voice can reach them. so envoys cane fo reach them. >> a small pro-women rally is
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planned. a report from hong kong. >> the new year, but the same old problem for hong kong's embattled leader. he has been embroiled in scandal ever since he became chief executive here six months ago. problems stemming to changes made to his luxury home which were technically against the law and have the subsequently explained those things. many people believe he has been economical with the truth. some people, legislators have been accused him of downright lying. which averages, he has a real credibility problem. many do not believe them and they're demanding his resignation. they are expecting tens of thousands to take part in this demonstration alone. there are also competing demonstrations. there are some demonstrations in support of them who want him to stay on and that he should be given another chance. what seems to be behind all of
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this is hong kong's relationship with china itself. so what you think about mr. lung is also by association what you think about china. >> we are getting reports out of the ivory coast talking about the deaths of at least 60 people who died in a stampede at a stadium. new year's celebrations were going on there at a fireworks display. two hundred people are reported to be injured. there was a stampede as people gathered to watch the new year's eve fireworks display. those reports are just coming into us here on al jazeera. we will bring more details. we will let you know as soon as we get them. for now, in the ivory coast, at least 60 people reported to have
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died in a stampede at in new year's eve celebration. china has begun publishing hourly air pollution updates from 74 of its biggest cities. poor quality has been blamed for hundreds of thousands of early deaths in the country every year. it is also estimated to cost as much as $100 billion in economic year. aeach >> stepping outside in one of china's many cities, it is easy to see why the country is ranked amongst the world's air polluters. but just how bad is it has been largely unreported and an reported -- that is until now. the chinese government started publishing on line real time pollution data, from four -- from 496 monitoring stations. it is also reporting levels of dangers microscopic particles.
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>> to reduce the microscopic particles is closely related to people's livelihood and the credibility of the government. >> those levels are considered critical for human and animal health. they're so small, they can be absorbed into the bloodstream and can cause lung cancer and other respiratory and heart diseases. doctors have warned that air pollution may soon be the largest threat to china's health. >> it is important that the government focus more on pollution issues. beijing pollution sometimes gets so bad that i find it hard to accept. >> the new standards will be welcome. but what is more important is for government to change people's way of thinking. like other countries, you use a bicycle to be more environmentally friendly. we need to discourage people from buying cars to show off their wealth. bring back the bicycles. but environmental groups like greenpeace have also warned about the long-term impact of
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water solution. they say government promises to clean up the waterways has not been honored and they continue to make tens of thousands of people sick. >> china basically doesn't have an environmental management policy directed at harmful substances. this situation allows many toxins to be discharged into rivers. >> the chinese government appears to have addressed the concerns of its urban people when it comes to monitoring air pollution. its next challenge will be insuring pollutant levels drop and people can enjoy an improved quality of life. >> looking ahead to the year 2013, italy will select a new prime minister in february this year. paul brennan reports. >> austerity in italy and has hit the young people the hardest. youth unemployment is nearly 84% and rising faster than the
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national average. -- is nearly 34% and rising faster than the national average. but when it comes to an flouncing national policy, young people feel almost exclusively excluded. they show no signs of stepping aside. >> we have a country very much ruled by clans, by groups, by networks. this is the italian problem. this has to do with the italian mentality. >> the democratic party is the front-runner. he is aged 61. but the leader of the five-star movement is 64. mario monti may very well put himself forward as a candidate. he is 69 years old. and berlusconi is still the leader of the right wing party even though he is 76 years old. they see precious little
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opportunity. >> the doctor of berlusconi once said that he is so strong he could live to 120 years old. so we're kind of afraid. >> it telling youth are very active in politics. -- italian youth are very active in politics. they are voicing their desire to participate through institutions. that is why we are very active. they can take this energy and turn it into real politics. >> a potential standard bearer is the charismatic 37-year-old mayor of florence. in december, he challenged the leadership of the democratic style cominrunning an american- restaurants campaign. >> they make us fear for the future. instead, what is under leaders
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have done is to give us hope for the future. >> when will the breakthrough be made, no one here is expecting a revolution. >> i personally think that it is not like there will be something that defines the pass from one era to another. but it will be a gradual process. >> the older generation has to have the courage to pass the torch and let us in. >> faced with the current limited options, many young voters may simply stay away in february. the latest polls say that one in three italians are likely to abstain in the upcoming election. >> if your just surfacing from a night of celebrations, happy new year to you. here's a look at how many of the world cities celebrated the new year.
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